Stajic Filippo

Comfort and solidity, modernity and connection with tradition are expressed by connecting to the Cesterfield spirit and the main style. The leather or fabric upholstery is divided into squares with invisible steppes, which is a special feature of the series, both on the base and the headboard. A base that lowers to the floor allows the interior space to be used as a compartment for bedding.

Filippo Stajic - unique

Stajic Filippo glows with his unique look and it`s calling you to approach him. Everything you can expect and ask from one bed and for your dream bedroom, Stajic Filippo already offers all, and when you try it you will realize that is not all. The quality of workmanship with attention to detail will raise the whole impression about this bed to an even higher level. You will not be able to resiste to such a kind of pleasure and joy, and not to have it in the place where all your successes start, your bed, Filippo Stajic.